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As customer satisfaction is the most important quality indicator for the company, the set of quality parameters is in practice.Every single order is treated with the greatest care and attention.



BALTREISS Agency was established in the year 2000 as a logistics agency by Heino Elnionis and Aleksey Denisov. The agency quickly developed into a very active and lucrative logistics company in about two years and more hands were needed on deck, by the end of 2003 we had had up to eight members in our team and still growing.

The foundational objective at Baltreiss is to make efficiency a niche for our company in the market, we continue to strive to keep the tradition and we remain upmarket.
Our operations have also broadened since then; we have broken from the Latvian market into Scandinavian, Western European, Russian and CIS markets, creating a wide range of clientele.

Baltreiss is one of Latvia’s most efficient logistics company!



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