Our team

If two good heads are better than one, several good heads can only result in the best.


Our team is a gathering of the best of the necessary components for a great company. Each and every member of our team is like a pillar in the house, every pillar has its own specific function in its own place and altogether we hold the company strong and high and we stand together like columns in a great house making the house look splendid!


Our team is made up of a group of well trained, intelligent and energetic young people poised to make a mark in their work and hungry for great results, managed by very experienced executives with impressive profiles, innovative and deep into the business of Logistics: It’s a dream team!



Board of Directors

  • Heino Elnionis
  • Aleksey Denisovs


  • Ilona Labanovska
  • Diana Nikitina
  • Alina Chumachenko
  • Milana Maslennikova

Our treasure

  • Viktoriya Shevchuk
  • Sergey Chumachenko
  • Elena Nikolaeva
  • Aleksey Efimovs
  • Evgeniya Gusarova
  • Diana Timofeeva
  • Elena Krivicka
  • Yuriy Balaboskin
  • Rinalds Bolinsh
  • Maksim Krysko